Wakatipu Summer Disc Golf Tournaments 2013

January 15th, 2013

Helicopter Line Queenstown Classic

The 18th Annual The Helicopter Line Queenstown Classic Disc (Frisbee) Golf Tournament will take place in the Queenstown Gardens, on Saturday 9th March, 2013.

This is a 36 hole (2×18) Singles Tournament, with the second round being seeded. There will be excellent trophies, and lots of good prizes in the following Divisions:

Open, Women, Masters, Grandmasters, Locals (Ultrastar), and Under 18.

Lunch refreshments will be provided.

Gather beside the Queenstown Gardens rotunda at 9.30, for a 10 am start.

Entry fee for the tournament is $35.

Dart River Jet Safaris Paradise Plates

The 15th Annual Dart River Jet Safaris Paradise Plates Disc (Frisbee) Golf Tournament will be held at the Paradise Trust property, just past Diamond Lake, beyond Glenorchy (map available on request), on Sunday 10th March, 2013. Basic accommodation is available in this beautiful spot, at $25 per head, and some players will definitely be staying there on Saturday and/or Sunday nights. If staying, you will need to be self-sufficient for food, however hot drinks will be provided.

There is an 18 hole Doubles Tournament there on the Sunday morning, with trophies available. This will be followed by an 18 hole Singles Tournament in the afternoon.

In the Singles, the Divisions are:

Open, Women, Masters, Grandmasters, and Under 18, with trophies being available. There will be prizes for the winners in some divisions.

Gather at the Garden of Eden at 9.30, for a 10 am start for the Doubles.

The Singles starts around 2pm.

Entry fee for the whole day is $30.

Enquiries and Registration

Registration now closed.

For enquiries, please contact James Smithells, on either james.smithells@xtra.co.nz, Snail mail: PO Box 577, Queenstown 9300 or phone 03 442 4651, or 021 26 44 008.