Queenstown Gardens Disc Golf Course

Queenstown Disc Golf Course

The course traverses anti-clockwise around the well established Queenstown Gardens. All targets are chain baskets. About quarter of the holes are in the more open areas, with mowed grass underfoot, and the rest are in a pine forest, where the ceiling is low. It is a relatively short course, at 1140 metres (3740 ft). There are three par 4 holes, with two of these being 100 metres. Three holes have compulsories and two others are blind, requiring spotters before driving. It is free to play on the course.

The first tee is next to the large Disc Golf sign, which is in the middle of the grass area on the lake side of the pond. This is about 5 – 8 minutes walk from downtown Queenstown. For new players here, you are strongly advised to buy an official scorecard/map, which are sold in most sports stores and in the ice rink in the Gardens. Discs may be bought or hired from sports stores around Queenstown.

Please note the safety advisory above regarding respecting both the physical environment and other users of the Gardens. Particularly during summer, people may be sitting on the grass on Holes 1, 2 and 4. NEVER throw if there is any chance that you might hit someone; take one of the alternative courses of action.

Queenstown Gardens Disc Golf Course

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Hole 1
Shopmaker web designers_
  Hole 2
RPM Discs
  Hole 3
Empanada Kitchen
Hole 4
  Hole 5
Deep Focus
  Hole 6
Small Planet Sports
Hole 7
  Hole 8
  Hole 9
Shotover Canyon Swing & Fox
Hole 10
The Black Sheep
  Hole 11
Stuart Gilchrist
  Hole 12
Fulton Hogan
Hole 13
Queenstown Ice Arena
  Hole 14
Wakatipu Psychology
  Hole 15
Disc Golf NZ
Hole 16
Skyline Luge Queenstown
  Hole 17
45 Degrees South
  Hole 18
Outside Sports
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